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Art with the Suñol Foundation

  • Art and Society
  • Known Masterpieces exhibition at the Suñol Foundation. Santi Periel, 2020

    Both foundations work together, combining their experience and aligning their programmes, sharing in and collaborating on projects that explore the relationships between art and society, along with further groups of interest: citizens, artists, museums, cultural and academic institutions, as well as other foundations, schools, hospitals and social organisations.

    In this area, various projects are being developed which are based on the use of art as an expressive vehicle, with the goal of improving the health and facilitating the social integration of participating individuals, thus initiating processes of personal growth. 

    High schoolers working on the Suñol Foundation's exhibitions. 2018

    Educational Programme — Art a la carta

    Art a la carta is art education project carried out in the classroom that centres on the Josep Suñol Collection. It consists of working capsules for class time that are inspired by contemporary art practices and procedures. They are treated in a way that is open-ended, ensuring that they might function autonomously, all the while focused on a concept or work of art.

    From amongst the various capsules offered, a selection can be made of those considered to be more interesting to develop with the class, creating one’s own path while moving through the Collection. The Suñol Foundation can also be visited during the school year, where the pieces which have been studied can be seen directly. 

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    Public Programmes

    These feature activities creating environments for encounter and interchange, conceived for various audiences and founded on the values of creativity, reflection and critical capacity. 

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    Educational Programme — Diverse Format

    Diverse Format is a project carried out together with Torrents d’Art, a cultural organisation run by the Sant Joan de Déu Health Centre, the Can Castells Centre d’Art in Sant Boi de Llobregat, the Suñol Foundation and the Glòria Soler Foundation. 

    The last edition of the project proposed open dialogues in relation to the work of Sinéad Spelman, which was then being shown at the Suñol Foundation. Users and personnel of the Mental Health Department of the Health Centre, as well as other individuals, worked together on a ceramic sculpture proposal, basing the project on the concept of hiding oneself. The result was seen in a modest exhibition that could be visited from 8-12 January 2019. 

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    Performance — Variable measures

    On the occasion of the exhibition Act 39: Antoni Abad. measure X measure at the Suñol Foundation, the seeing-impaired dancer Joan Casaoliva did a performance entitled Variable measures, where he entered into dialogue with the exhibition space through a diverse range of sensorial strategies.

    The intervention was conceived as a mechanism affirming visual diversity while deconstructing the stereotypes related to it. The performance featured an audio description, with the goal of making it more accessible to visually diverse individuals, while this factor also allowed for a different approach to the action itself, challenging and questioning the very role of the spectator.