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Vaccine against HIV/AIDS

  • Global Health
  • In collaboration with IrsiCaixa, the Institut de Recerca de la Sida [AIDS Research Institute] led by Doctor Bonaventura Clotet, advances have been made in research for a therapeutic vaccine to treat HIV/AIDS and reduce its related adverse effects. This initiative has also contributed to research into the influences of the microbiomes in the vaccine.

    The study of the immune response in individuals with a high risk of being affected by AIDS assists in the development of strategies to prevent infection. In this regard, support has been given to studies to develop therapeutic vaccines for people who are HIV positive, while work is also being done in monoclonal antibodies that neutralise the action of the virus in the body, heightening the activity of natural killer (NK) cells destined to destroy other cells that have already been infected. 

    IrsiCaixa is currently one of the few institutions in the world that has a candidate vaccine available. In the future, these tools could come to make up part of both an eradication strategy and a prevention strategy. 

    World AIDS Day  — 1 December 

    The Glòria Soler Foundation has given its support each 1 December, World AIDS Day, to the AIDS awareness campaign, illuminating the façade of its headquarters in red light. 

    Through its alliance with the Foundation for the Fight against AIDS, its collaboration in AIDS research is linked to its activity in social sensibility and awareness.