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Intersecting memories. The collections as a territory for creation

  • Art and Society
  • Elena Asins, Desarrollo, 1977. Arnau Sala Saez, Desenvolupament 99, 2022.

    Fundació Suñol presents the exhibition Intersecting memories. The collections as a territory for creation where a dialogue between the Collection of the Museo de Arte Abstracto Español from Cuenca, created by Fernando Zóbel in 1966 and whose owner has been since 1981 the Fundación Juan Mach by donation from Zóbel, and the Suñol Soler Collection. At the same time, the show features the current perspective of 7 contemporary artists who propose new creations from the historical collections brought together by collectors Fernando Zóbel and Josep Suñol Soler.

    This project, curated by Glòria Picazo, presents the different agents and aspects that together comprise the ecosystem of art are brought into relation; from the role of the art institution to that of the collector, to the collection as an asset, to culture in general as a value added to the task of the institution; to the currently unavoidable question of the system’s environmental impact. All of these factors are called into view through specific interventions by different artists.

    This project, with the support of the Fundació Glòria Soler, will be accompanied by a public program of activities, including the reflections and concepts of the exhibition around collecting or the climate crisis, issues that affect us as a society and for which the artists suggest questions with the intention of finding possible answers.

    Exhibition artists: Elena Asins, Josep Guinovart, Asunción Molinos, Joana Moll, Antònia del Río, Pablo Palazuelo, Arnau Sala Saez, Susana Solano, Julia Spínola, Pep Vidal, Oriol Vilanova.

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