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Blue Soler Therapeutic SUP. Sport and Health

  • Health
  • The World Health Organization confirms that physical activity has important benefits for heart, body, and mind health.


    The Blue Soler SUP Therapeutic project is formulated in an equation promoted by three fundamental agents and will be the first study on a global scale to be carried out in this discipline.

    Sports, the initiative born from the enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge of Carolina Navalón-Martínez, the first disabled woman in Spain currently competing in the SUP Race 6 Km category and is also champion of Catalonia in the SUP Race 3 km. She is an example of the benefits of this sport and she dreams that other people can get the same benefits. All people have the right to practice sports.

    Health, we believe in the potential of sports practice on health and improving people’s quality of life. We want to document and draw conclusions, with the advice of the Sports Medicine medical unit, which will rule on the possible benefits of SUP as a therapeutic activity for the physical and mental improvement of patients. This will allow establishing a global action protocol to extrapolate and/or standardize this practice to other settings and include a therapeutic alternative for the largest number of people with musculoskeletal pathologies. We want to demonstrate the obvious benefits of Paddle Surfing so that the largest number of people can benefit from its practice.

    Community, as the project will be carried out by Club volunteers who joined the project, each with their specialty to help demonstrate the benefits of practicing this sport, making it fully inclusive and accessible. In addition, we have the support of the Catalan Surfing Federation, and more importantly, different associations that joined the project for its potential benefits and interest. We want to make Paddle Surfing an inclusive sport so that everyone can participate and practice it rigorously and safely.


    Adults with disabilities/complex chronic disease/reduced mobility have much less access to adapted physical activity programs, as these programs are often designed for pediatric age.

    There is a lack of safe and inclusive spaces where adults with disabilities and/or complex pathologies can access programs for the development of physical activity at sea, which are fully adapted to their needs, especially guided activities in the marine environment.


    The first pilot test of the project will be carried out with patients with musculoskeletal pathologies, for whom lack of physical activity is the worst possible prescription. For this reason, our project aims to turn patients into impatient patients, to accompany them in this process of change, being aware of the added difficulty they face and adapting the experience to their reality. This first year, we will focus the pilot tests on ADULTS, as they are often the most neglected of the healthcare system, despite representing the vast majority of the affected population.


    Blue Soler in an initiative by Club Deportivo de Surf Blue Salt and Fundación Gloria Soler with the support of Fundación Seguros Closa.



    Asociación Blue Health SUP Terapéutico Barcelona

    The Blue Soler SUP Therapeutic project seeks to extend the practice of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) as a therapy to improve the body functionality and well-being of people with various disabilities, as well as vulnerable and unattended groups.

    Club Deportivo de Surf&Sup Blue Salt School

    Founded in 2018, Blue Salt School Surf Sports Club unites sea and table sports (Surfing, SUP, SUP Yoga, Functional Training, Surf Skate) with a philosophy that includes care for the environment, healthy living, social awareness, art, and above all passion for the marine environment.

    Since its foundation, it has not only taught classes with specialized sports directors but has also been involved in promoting the practice among groups at risk of social exclusion or has promoted activities such as the active cleaning of plastic in the sea.

    With the advice of the Unitat de Medicina de l’Esport (Clínic Barcelona and Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona)

    A unit with extensive experience specializing in the practice of sport, which applies a multidisciplinary methodology to be able to offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of various pathologies.

    Cataln Surf Federation

    Non-profit sports entity made up of clubs, athletes, technicians, judges, and sports associations dedicated to the practice and promotion of surfing in any of its manifestations (Shortboard, Longboard, Stand Up Paddle, Bodyboard, Skimboard, Bodysurf, Kneeboard, etc..).