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    In the section “Online activities” we want to make a selection of the most significant events linked to our history. Among others, you will find a tour on video to the residence of Josep Suñol, specifically designed by Josep Lluís Sert as a house-museum. Also you can find video material and exhibition information such as a visual itinerary to work by Luis Frangella (2011) or the exhibition Sculpture/Object (2012).

    You will find all the videos at this link.

    The Suñol Foundation and the Glòria Soler Foundation continue to work with the aim of linking art and education, and it is in this direction that we have designed a project of new creation, #ArtacasaSuñolSoler, which will be presented in the coming days and consist of an educational proposal around various works of the Suñol Soler Collection, designed for you to complete them at home by yourself or with the whole family. You can find these educational proposals at this link, and also below. 

    You can follow us on our social networks through the hashtag #ArtacasaSuñolSoler

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