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  • 'Trodotz' De Zush/Evru en IDIBAPS

    The Clínic Barcelona-IDIBAPS, the Suñol Foundation and the Glòria Soler Foundation have signed an agreement to promote the “Art & Science” project, which aims to generate a new social impact through the union between both disciplines.

    The objective of the project is to carry out different artistic interventions to bring art closer to the field of research. Art and science are two complementary ways of exploring the world. However, they are often seen as two separate and even competing disciplines, although curiosity and creativity drive both artists and researchers.

    The first action of the agreement consisted of the transfer of the work Trodotz by the artist Zush/Evru (Barcelona, ​​1946). The work installed on April 11 in the lobby of the Esteve Auditorium of the Esther Koplowitz Center, headquarters of the IDIBAPS, will be replaced in October 2023 by Untitled by Eva Lootz (Vienna, 1940). In parallel, Clínic/IDIBAPS researchers and users can enjoy the activities and exhibitions at the Fundació Suñol, thus completing the link between art and science.

    The Glòria Soler Foundation has a long history of collaboration with the Clínic Barcelona-IDIBAPS through the financing of two research projects with great impact for society: the ARI project and the COVIDBANK.