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The Glòria Soler Foundation presents ‘Peu i vernís’ by Antoni Tàpies at Clínic Barcelona/IDIBAPS as part of the Tàpies Year

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  • Acto de presentación de 'Peu i Vernís' de Antoni Tàpies en Clínic/IDIBAPS

    The painting “Peu i vernís” by Antoni Tàpies (Barcelona, 1923-2012) is exhibited in the lobby of the Esteve Auditorium at the Esther Koplowitz Center, headquarters of IDIBAPS, and replaces the work “Untitled” by artist Eva Lootz, which was installed in October as the second action of the agreement. This change coincides with the celebration of the centenary of Antoni Tàpies’ birth and is part of the activities of the Tàpies Year by his Foundation.

    Antoni Tàpies was a Catalan painter, sculptor, and art theorist and is considered one of the most prominent Catalan artists of the 20th century. Tàpies’ material informalism is characterized by the use of new materials such as sand, marble dust, and colored earths, as well as the application on the canvas of incisions, writings, footprints, drawings, and primary signs.

    The Suñol Soler Collection is the legacy of collector and philanthropist Josep Suñol Soler, which brings together art and philanthropy as drivers of social transformation through its two non-profit foundations: the Suñol Foundation, which promotes contemporary art, and the Glòria Soler Foundation, which promotes initiatives in the social, humanistic, and global health fields.

    The Glòria Soler Foundation has a long history of collaboration with Clínic Barcelona-IDIBAPS through the funding of two research projects with great societal impact: the ARI project, supporting CAR-T cell immunotherapy, and COVIDBANK, which collects samples from patients with COVID-19 admitted to Clínic Barcelona.

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