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Curators Project. The Glòria Soler Foundation and SOM360, a partnership for mental health

  • COVID-19 Emergency
  • Global Health
  • In the field of mental health, it supports the SOM360 initiative, an online platform created by the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu. The main objective is to offer comprehensive, humane, quality care, focused on the person throughout their life cycle, ensuring continuity and prioritizing care for the most vulnerable population. The digital platform is a new ecosystem of relationships, with an inclusive 360-degree view that integrates professionals in the field of health, the social sector and education, as well as users, relatives and networks support.

    With regard to the Mental Health Network, the main objective is to support people with mental disorders throughout their lives, in all areas and circumstances, especially those who are in situations of special vulnerability.

    SOM360 is a portal that aims to be a national and international reference in mental health issues from an empowering perspective and focused on human rights, establishing new relationships between the different social agents involved.

    The SOM360 project will promote inclusion in the platform of cultural and artistic activities to address the emotional impact of the pandemic on mental health.

    SOM360 is an initiative of Sant Joan de Déu Hospital Barcelona, Sant Joan de Déu Health Park, Sant Joan de Déu Welfare Project and Sant Joan de Déu Social Services.

    Visit the website: som360.org