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Collaboration with humanitarian aid in Ukraine

The Orden Hospitalaria de San Juan de Dios is launching this campaign to seek urgent help and to collaborate with the mission that the Brothers are carrying out in the center of Sant Joan de Déu located in the city of Drohobych, in Ukraine, as well. as in the other five centers of the Order in Poland, where social and basic care is being provided to the hundreds of people fleeing the war.

According to Los Hermanos, more and more people and families are fleeing the war and need medical support, food and shelter. and the number is expected to continue to rise in the coming days.

Therefore, funds are being raised that will be used directly to help these refugees, through the humanitarian aid work that the Sant Joan de Déu centers in Poland and Ukraine have begun to develop as a result of the conflict.

Los Hermanos has been present since 1922, caring for children and adults who are sick or in a vulnerable situation, including people with disabilities, the elderly and those at risk of exclusion.